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About this project

A project of the Presbyterian Church of Pakistan started in 2002 for the renewal and reformation of the Worship, Music and Creative Arts in Pakistan.


TSCM (Tehillim School of Church Music and Worship) Founded by Rev.Eric Sarwar (Pakistan) in 2002 . " Tehillim" is a Hebrew for the book of Psalm. The TSCM is committed to achieving the best use of musical and creative arts in worship and mission, whatever resources, and whatever styles. Through education, training, publication, advice, and encouragement, we aim to support church music today and invest in church music for the future.


Annual Psalm Festival aims to Assist, Encourage and Facilitate to Theological institutions, Church Musicians, Christian Artists, Worship Planners & Leaders from across the Pakistan for the use of Biblical Psalm in Christian worship, to fulfill the Great Commission of Jesus Christ and to promote the ecumenical Spirit in the Churches by using Psalm in Islamic context.


The purpose of Annual Psalm Festival is to integrate our rich musical and spiritual heritage and challenge to open our eyes & ears to the culture of our time. Explore how God is drawing the peoples group and ethnicities to Himself through music across the Pakistan. We are calling Church Musicians, Theologians, Worship Leaders, Choir directors, Worship Dancers, Song writers and Singers, Recording engineers and Music producers from across the Pakistan to

• Explore Theological understanding of Biblical Psalm & to dialogue about the importance in Christian Worship.
• Educate, Equip and promote locally church musicians for culturally relevant music in Pakistan.
• Encourage communication, networking and organizational partnership in Music ministries in Pakistan.
• Discuss resources and strategies that others have found useful in this ministry.
• Identify current challenges and opportunities in the use of Biblical Psalm in Evangelism & Mission.

TSCM is on a mission to help Pakistani Christians for the development of church music & renewal of worship. The annual psalm festival started in 2002 would by now have spread beyond Pakistan.

Festival of Psalm and Performing Arts (Dance, Music, Dramatic, Readers Theatre and Graphic Arts) in Worship
Focusing on :

1– To provide training, formation & education for young church musicians, choir leaders and worship leaders on non-denominational basis.
2- To revive and promote the great heritage of Punjabi Zubor (Psalms) in our generation.
3- Reclaiming a heritage of singing and praying Psalms as a mission outreach & set to indigenous melodies and rhythms.
4- To empower and equip future leadership and also builds trust across religions.

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