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Annual Psalm Festival

About this project

A project of the Presbyterian Church of Pakistan started in 2002 for the renewal and reformation of the Worship, Music and Creative Arts in Pakistan.


TSCM (Tehillim School of Church Music and Worship) Founded by Rev.Eric Sarwar (Pakistan) in 2002 . " Tehillim" is a Hebrew for the book of Psalm. The TSCM is committed to achieving the best use of musical and creative arts in worship and mission, whatever resources, and whatever styles. Through education, training, publication, advice, and encouragement, we aim to support church music today and invest in church music for the future. Read more

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Traditional Punjabi Zubor (Psalm)

The book of psalms is an inspired word of God and Punjabi Zubor is the common heritage of the indo-pak church more then 100 years. It is the" Bible of illiterates" and the cord of unity in all denominations. To preserve and promote this heritage for coming generations. TSCM organized annual festival of Punjabi Zubor "MASKAN - AL - MAZAMIR" every year in Karachi. Read more