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Children Workers Network (CWN)



Teaching children and children workers is an important part of disciplining this generation. The great danger facing our churches today is second and third generation Christianity in our country. Children needs strong leaders who will stand up for them. The importance of children’s ministry is huge, the future well-being church lies with children’s ministry leaders.

Our Aim :

  1. To train and equip children workers in remote and village churches in Pakistan.
  2. Developing teaching skills of Sunday school teachers through workshops, seminars and camps.
  3. Providing recourses material to churches, Sunday schools and children ministries in Urdu language.
  4.  To act as bridge between the children and workers.

Tehillim School of Church Music take a bold initiative to produce two volumes “Tehillim” songs for children in Urdu language to empower children in Islamic context. Both volumes are greatly accepted and demanded by national & international Churches.

Beside that CWN organized training workshops “The role of music in Sunday school curriculum” (2006)

“Feed My Lambs” (2008) and different seminars in Karachi, Quetta, Gujranwalla and interior Sind.

Looking ahead:

Due to nation wide acceptance of both audio volumes there is a great demand of VCD from families, churches and Sunday school ministries on the base of most popular children songs from both CDs.

Prepare and develop curriculum for Sunday schools & children workers in Urdu language.

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Beej Bonay Wale ki (Video)
Ministry Update July 2012

Traning May,2008
Children festival Aug 2011
Vol-2 launching at Sialkot.Sep,2008
Vol-1 launching at Sialkot. Sep,2006