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News Letter, Jan-March, 2012
Tehillim School of Church Music & Worship

I will proclaim your name to my brethren, in the midst of the congregation I will sing Your Praise (Heb 2:12)”

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,
Greetings in His precious name who is our constant hope.
It’s such a great joy to share with you amazing move of God at the first quarter of 2012 in Pakistan and we overwhelmed with thanksgiving to achieving great things for our heavenly father.

Church Music Skills Programe

First time in Pakistan CMS programe been started at two centers in Karachi. More than 50 church musicians enrolled for this unique course. It’s next level to train and equip practicing church musicians, beginers and Worship leaders to get trained for the ministry of worship music in Pakistan.

4-14 Window Regional Forum

After five years struggle and network we have been able to establish a regional forum (Sind & Baluchistan) and hosted a summit on Feb 24, 2012 at Campus Crusade for Christ’s head office to share our resources. The program was an instrumental in providing unique opportunity to listen to the vision bearers share the 4/14 vision with participants and to interact with each other. We have had presentations from different churches, organizations & leaders involved in reaching children in different manner. More than 400 Pastors, parents, teachers of church schools/Sunday schools, leaders of church schools, children ministries and other Christ-centred institutions, personalities of the secular world interested in God fearing child upbringing.

Miracles and Parables of Christ (3rd Children Songs Album)

It’s really a privileged to invest in future church and filled the coming generation with songs of salvation. It’s our honor to produce children song albums as a resource to Churches and Sunday school Ministries and our last albums been used in more than two million kids across the Pakistan. On great demand we have produced our third album “Miracles & Parables of Christ” and introduced few songs at “Kids Games” by OM team and 4-14 Regional sumit in Karachi, few songs has been already shared across the country on different occasions. Animated song at Youtube
Animated Video

Two Books Launching

In Feb 2012 blessed and inspirational books “I Choose to Forgive” (Dr. Dianne B. Collard) translated in Urdu language and “Gethsemane till Golgotha” (Eric Sarwar) launching ceremonies been arranged in Karachi, Taxila (Where St. Thomas preached the Gospel in 1st century), Lahore (Mughal Era's Capital ) & Multan (City of Shrines) . It was like a dream when renowned writers, Scholars, Poets, Singers, Musicians, Writers Guilds in every city, Christian magazines and church leaders comented , wrote and read poetry about these books.
Most important thing is to be a catalyst for ecumenical gatherings on launching ceremonies and an opportunity to share the message of forgiveness and love of God to Worship community in Pakistan and challenged them to do the same.

Prayer Concerns

Worship Conference:

Gujranwala Theological Seminary's (130 Years old) willingness to start Worship & Music department ,fruit of 10 years struggle (Although it's my responsibility to raise funds),Presbyterian Church of Pakistan's interest to hold Worship Conference and Punjabi Zubor (Psalm ) Festivals in villages and cities of Punjab. Anglican /Methodist diocese of Multan (South Punjab) request to organize Worship Conference and Psalm Festival.

Music in Mission:

Beside that Lord God has opened the door for us to bring the message of Gospel to  SUFI"s (shrine singers) in Sindh & Multan. I have an invitation to visit two big and famous Sufi shrines with my worship team as an outreach and planning to organize a musical event with collaboration of Sufi's to share the word of God with those seekers of ultimate reality and lead them to the Kingdom of Heaven.

Translation work:

We are translating three books “Proclamation & Praise” (Ron Man), “The Biblical Psalms in Christian Worship” ((Dr. John D. Witvliet) and “Singing The Reformation” (Edingurgh 2011) in Urdu language to use as a part of curriculum in CMS course.

DVD of Punjabi Zubor (Psalms):

TSCM worship team has produced DVD of 8th Annual Punjabi Zubor Festival to promote and preserve worship heritage of Church in Pakistan. 

Children Festival & “Train the Trainer” course:

In July,2012 we will have our 3rd Annual Children Festival to reach children for Christ and two days teachers training to equip them for their Sunday school ministries.
Task is immense to revive and reform Worship Music in Pakistan and worship community is looking at us to ignite the fire. We welcome your prayers and support as you join us to embrace, shape and plant this worldwide vision in our community. It’s our honor to have you with us in this never ending journey in the service of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Your brother in His service,

Eric Sarwar
Tehillim School of Church Music & Worship
Contact # 00923008907238 

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