Worship is the heart of Christian living. Glorifying God with words and music that comes from the heart should be possible for every believer in this world. The name ‘Tehillim’ is a Hebrew for psalms.

Tehillim school of Church Music & Worship (TSCM) established to nurture and promote ecumenical spirit in the churches by providing training workshop, teaching seminars, consultations and camps reflecting  issues on church music & worship across the Pakistan. By accomplishing these programs the ultimate goal of the TSCM is to achieve unity and understand a biblical  position of music in worship, discipleship and evangelism.


This vision was born in 1999. This vision begun in the heart of Rev.Eric Sarwar in 1999 with a gift of music study at Gujranwala Theological Seminary saw that.

  • The church was singing theologically lightweight songs.
  • Worship leaders and musicians were untrained and biblically illiterate themselves.
  • Literary material on worship and music did not exist,
  • There was no centre for training and church bodies where not involved in guidance and encouragement in this field.

After further research it was concluded that would essential for the church in Pakistan to produce first class literary material on music and worship and to establish a School of Church Music.


Start of the School:

In August 2002 an experimental group of Christian musicians and theologians began to meet regularly in a borrowed school building in the evening to teach Music and Worship to 26 students from various churches around Karachi .